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The Fish

Living the Los Sueños Fishing Dream 

Some of the most satisfying catches, guaranteed! 

Los Sueños is one the most popular Costa Rica sport fishing destinations due to the stunning views and the sheer variety of fish. Whether it be Costa Rica deep sea fishing, a day trip with Pedro and Jason aboard the Dream Girl, or even a Los Sueños fishing classic trip hunting for the elusive Roosterfish, you’re sure to have a memorable experience during your Costa Rica fishing trip.


The Pacific waters off Costa Rica are renowned for Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Red Snapper, and Roosterfish. This is a 365 day a year playground that caters to anglers of all levels. Los Sueños Costa Rica fishing charters will bring you to these beauties and what we can promise is a day of awe-inspiring sights and sounds and access to the ocean’s truly impressive aquatic life. 



Boasting a continental shelf just 20 miles offshore, the best Los Sueños fishing provides a one-of-a-kind experience with the impressive sailfish. These are by far one of the most awe-inspiring fish on the planet, downright gorgeous and a highly satisfying catch. An absolute monster of a fish, your Costa Rica fishing trip will be an undeniable success after wrangling one of these beauties.



Equally impressive, Costa Rica sport fishing provides the opportunity not only to wrangle a Blue Marlin, but Black and Striped Marlins are also out here for the taking! Fair warning, however, marlins are not out here to play. These fish are fighters so if you think your Los Sueños fishing trip will be a walk in the park with a marlin, think again. With that said, the exhilaration of the catch makes it all worth it. 



The best part about Costa Rica sport fishing for tuna is they’re always out and about. Costa Rica sport fishing is blessed with ideal tuna water temperature year-round, so instead of migrating our tuna are ripe for the picking on your next Los Sueños fishing excursion.  


Mahi Mahi

Like tuna, Mahi Mahi are also available year-round but you’ll need to fight for these fish as they’re strong and will make you work for the catch. Los Sueños Costa Rica fishing charters are full of Mahi Mahi stories using their speed to evade even the most seasoned fishermen, but once a catch is made, the end result is oh so sweet!

Near Shore.jpg


As you head out into the bay, grouper territory on your Los Sueños fishing trip will take you to the reefs. This is where the grouper makes its home, feeding and breeding amongst a truly impressive range of colorful and highly sought-after fish. Keep an eye out for the Broomtail Grouper as well as the Bigeye or Yellowfin Grouper. A Los Sueños Costa Rica fishing charter trip to the deep waters is prime Grouper territory. 


Red Snapper

Alongside the Groupers you’ll also find Red Snappers. Red Snappers are a wonderful treat, pulling this impressive fish aboard and snapping a couple of photos will provide memories for a lifetime. Some of the more popular Snappers residing in these Costa Rica sport fishing reefs are Rock and Yellow Snapper as well as Millet and Dogtooth Snapper. 


Rooster Fish

Lastly, the elusive Roosterfish. These beauties are out of a cartoon - exotic and really, really large! We’re not promising an easy Costa Rica sport fishing excursion in search of the Rooster, but there’s a reason people come from all over the world to Los Sueños to try and snag a Rooster. They’ll gobble up your bait, but also make you work to get them aboard. 

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